CHPA 2021 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Awards

The CHPA Educational Foundation held its 6th Annual Gala last week, with 60 companies represented and 230 people attending the hybrid event in person and virtually. The gala is held each year to recognize the critical vision, mission, and consumer-focused work of the CHPA Educational Foundation, whose mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care. This year’s program honored and recognized the strategic innovation and marketing expertise of CHPA member companies in both the over-the-counter (OTC) medicine and dietary supplement industries.

With more than 50 entries received, a judging panel of nine independent experts narrowed the field to 21 finalists whose work was honored at the event. The awards were presented by CHPA Educational Foundation Board Members Elizabeth Karvonen of the Emerson Group, and Yvette Baez from Google, Inc. The volunteer awards judging panel included representatives from CVS Health, UWG, Salutem, Might & Matter, FCB Health NY, Cardinal Points Consulting, PinneyAssociates, LifeStyles Healthcare, and Wunderman Thompson.

The 2021 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Award Finalists and Winners Included:

Best Inclusive & Multicultural Campaign Finalists (New Category in 2021)

  1. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare: Gold Bond® #ChampionYourSkin – WINNER
  2. GSK Consumer Healthcare: Everyone’s Welcome at Our Table – TUMS®
  3. GSK Consumer Healthcare: FightingFlu Together – Theraflu

Best Digital Campaign Finalists

  1. GSK Consumer Healthcare:The First Arthritis-Friendly Website – Voltaren – WINNER
  2. Bayer Consumer Health: Alka-Seltzer® Mocktail
  3. GSK Consumer Healthcare: Emerge Our Best – Emergen-C®

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign: Safe Use Finalists

  1. Colgate-Palmolive Company: Clean Hands – WINNER
  2. Bayer Consumer Health: Bayer® Aspirin Call 9-1-1 Public Service Announcement
  3. Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc.: Safe Medicine Use During COVID-19

Best Social Media Campaign Finalists

  1. Reckitt: Mucinex® Sickwear™ – WINNER
  2. GSK Consumer Healthcare: #TUMSworthy New Year’s Eve
  3. GSK Consumer Healthcare: TUMS® Makes the Super Bowl #TUMSworthy

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign: Environment/Sustainability

  1. The Procter & Gamble Company: Vicks® NyQuil™/DayQuil™ Packaging Restage – WINNER

Best Launch of the Year Finalists

  1. GSK Consumer Healthcare: Voltaren – WINNER
  2. Bayer Consumer Health: Claritin® Cool Mint Chewables
  3. GSK Consumer Healthcare: Advil® Dual Action

Best Overall Marketing Campaign with a Budget Under $5M Finalists

  1. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare: Icy Hot® – Get Game Ready – WINNER
  2. Combe Incorporated: OMV! By Vagisil
  3. Reckitt: Mucinex Sickwear™

Best Overall Marketing Campaign with a Budget Over $5M Finalists

  1. Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc.: Zyrtec® – Allergens Personified – WINNER
  2. GSK Consumer Healthcare: The Joy of Movement – Voltaren
  3. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare: Xyzal® – Goodnight Allergies
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