Please enjoy a short video recap of our 2023 Industry Day Event

Emerson Group Industry Day - 2023

The event brought together Retail Leaders, Brand Innovators, Financial and Academic Experts and Inspirational Groundbreakers. The engagement explored and defined what the future will be and how, together, we can grow our businesses, teams and communities. Thank you to everyone who participated and joined in this year’s event. Please mark your calendarsfor October 9th, 2024 for the 15th Annual Emerson Group Industry Day!

  • Rob Catanzariti / The Emerson Group
  • Liz Brady / The Emerson Group
  • Ed Morgan / The Emerson Group
  • Jackie Vannozzi / The Emerson Group
  • Wendy / Liebmann WSL
  • Scott Emerson / The Emerson Group
  • Elizabeth Karvonen / The Emerson Group

“Technology istransforming our business. Artificial Intelligence, cryptocurrency and Metaverse are likely to be transformational and enduring technologies,”
Scott Galloway
Professor of Marketing, NYU

“Fiscalstimulusfrom the Fed and structural changesin the labor market continue to prop up the economy even as excesssavings begin to run out.”
Jimmy Chang
Chief Investment Officer, Rockefeller Capital Management

“Two things are key for Walgreens and our suppliers…getting the value proposition right for cash-strapped consumers and continuing to pursue product innovation.”
Luke Rauch
SVP & Chief Merchandising Officer, Walgreens

“Walmart isfocused on omni channel merchandising and digital commerce to support our efforts to be seasonally specific and location focused.”
Vinima Shekher
Vice President, Merchandising-Wellness, Walmart

“AI with humansis better than AI alone. AI can benefitsuppliersin powerful ways- trend and sentiment analysis, predictive pricing and analytics, product recommendation, and logistics development.”
Kshitij Kumar
Chief Data Officer, Haleon

“Confidence. Clarity. Courage. Trust. Listen to one another. You might learn something new. This learning will build trust which is essential to success.”
Michelle Wang Goodridge
President of US Brand Growth, Kenvue
Robin Roberts
Co-Host of GMA and Author

“Merging food and pharmacy with our ‘healthification’ programs aids our consumersin their health care journey. There are growth opportunitiesfor oursuppliersin this cross-over effort.”
Jen Beatty
The Emerson Group
Colleen Lindholz
President, Kroger Health

“Retail isn’t aboutsimply buying and selling anymore. It’s about establishing a relationship with the customer under the umbrella of healthcare.”
Musab Balbale
SVP & Chief Merchant, CVS Health
Elizabeth Karvonen
The Emerson Group

“the most important aspect of a successful business is talent; to acquire, teach and retain the best, most qualified people you can find.”
Scott Snook
Executive Fellow, Harvard Business School

“Key points of difference for our suppliers are supply chain excellence, speed and scale, and product innovation.”
Justin Honaman
Head, Worldwide Retail & Consumer Goods Go-to-Market, Amazon

“We want oursuppliersto join usto share in a customer first mentality… to help us to create value for our customers to live better.”
Andrea Fallin
Strategy Concepts
Annie Walker
SVP, Grocery Merchandise Operations, Walmart

“As a regional chain, we can be more nimble in response to community needs.”
John Marraffa
President Kinney Drugs

““We deal in hyper localism and can build loyalty and personal relationships.”
Pat Mooney
VP Health & Beauty & GM, Wakefern