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Content by: Lauren Alexander

TikTok is rewriting the world

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The face of generations

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The rise of Twitch

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The Power of Instagram


With over 2 Billion active monthly users, it is no secret that Instagram is the 4th most-used platform in the world. Ever since the now Facebook-owned app made its debut in 2010, there have been several feature updates to keep up with  what’s trending in the digital space. Staying competitive with new and old social platforms is how Instagram has maintained being the most-downloaded app in the world.

Instagram target audience

Many have asked the question, why is Instagram so popular? It’s an image first app that allows users to express their personality in photos rather than words. No surprise that this app over-indexes with the younger generation.

“Over 60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-34. In fact, Instagram is Gen Z’s favorite social media platform- even ranking it above TikTok.”

Invest with Insta

When it comes to business, Instagram is where brands need to be. Users say this is their #1 platform they use to stay in touch with their favorite brands. It’s also a place where users are making purchases, with 35% of Insta followers are predicted to make a purchase through the platform in 2023. Instagram wins the heart of the Gen Z population once again, being their favorite social commerce platform as well. Using hashtags can also increase your brands visibility and can separate you from the rest of the crowd. #TeamInsta

The Glossier Way

Sitting at 2.7M+ followers, beauty brand Glossier knows how to win consumers over on Instagram. Here are some tips and tricks to get your Instagram engagement up:

  • Be Authentic & Approachable
    • Instead of trying to get big name influencers, spotlight smaller, everyday creators to work with your brand
  • Use your user generated content
    • Your fans like you for a reason! Highlight them and repost their posts to show followers REAL reviews
  • Engage, Engage, Engage
    • Comment back on customers comments, post surveys or questions on Instagram stories- Find tasteful ways to generate a social community for your brand!

TikTok is Rewriting the World

TikTok on the rise

TikTok has become one of the most popular social apps. Rapidly rising in popularity during the pandemic, allowing users to express themselves and it also became a gateway for brands to reach their target market during a disruptive phase.

TikTok is an entertainment platform

That is used for creating and sharing short form videos. Typical content creation criteria: Mostly 10-15 seconds (10 min. limit), Engaging, often funny videos, uplifting and personalized. TikTok is different to other social media platforms as content is curated based on what viewers find entertaining, so it captures their attention and trust.

Engagement on TikTok is high; 90% of users access the app daily, spending 1.5 hours on average a day on it (3x other major social medial platforms)

TikTok usage and penetration continues to accelerate, 2023 there are more than 1.5B monthly active users. It is the fastest growing social platform; and the 6th most used platform in the world. 45.3% of US social network users are on TikTok; 62% of users are between the ages 10-29, with adult use growing exponentially.

How it connects with consumers:

  • eaches target market faster
  • Quickly increases brand awareness
  • Builds “earned” content
  • Leverages user-generated content

The Face of Generations

The Face of Generations

Facebook is the most used social media platform worldwide, and the 3rd most visited website in the world. Facebook is the favorite social platform for the 35-44 demographic; users aged 65 years and older are the platforms fastest-growing demographic. This however is not the case for younger generations, as 7% of Gen Z users plan to quit the platform in 2023.

Key to successful Facebook Marketing:

  • Photos have the highest engagement, links the lowest
  • Timing over frequency- influencers posting 10x in a week have more engagement than companies posting 90x. Timing matters- Mon-Fri 3a.m., Tues 10a.m. and Noon
  • No sound on videos- people are much more likely to view a video to completion with no sound

“ 56% of Facebook users follow or research brands and products on the platform; 37% of users will make a purchase from the platform this year”

Facebook is the most used social media app for customer service

Connect with and engage customers through Facebook by offering quality customer service, advice, and support. Due to Walmart’s exceptional customer service, they have become one of the fastest growing Facebook pages. They openly encourage employees and customers to engage on Facebook, with an Avg 23-minute response time to posts.

The platforms US consumers and brands use most for customer service

The Amazing Rise of Twitch

What is Twitch?

Twitch is the worlds largest online video game streaming platform, with more than 31 million daily active users. Most of the content on the platform is video game live streaming & eSports competitions, but there’s a growing number of streamers who focus on music, DIY, creative, beauty and lifestyle content.

“ Twitch active users spend on average 95-minutes pers day watching streams on the platform, and beats out all other live streaming platforms, accounting for 72.2% of all hours watched live on the internet.”

Purpose of Twitch

Keeping up with all the latest video games can be time consuming and expensive. For this reason, many gamers will tune into a Twitch stream to see if a game is right for them. Typically, streamers will have two video captures going on at once: One of the game itself and one of the streamer while engaging with their audience through a chat box.

Marketing on Twitch

Gamers are a huge and highly segmented group making the advertising potential vast. By entering Twitch and the gaming industry, brands can reach a large audience and numerous personas.

Here’s the guide to making sure you’re marketing to the right consumer:

  • Understand the average Twitch User- Twitch has a young user base and skews male; 78% of users are male, 72% of users are between the ages of 16-34, & 21.4% of Twitch traffic comes from the US
  • Entertain first, Advertise second- People use Twitch as entertainment and don’t want to be sold to, yet 80% of users approve of streamers using sponsorships
  • Find the right influencer- Twitch viewers are loyal to their favorite streamers. Factors to consider when finding the right influencer are genre, audience, activity level, numbers and language

The power of Twitch Marketing

Twitch is ripe for marketing and building brand awareness. The platform has one of the highest levels of engagement and many Twitch influencers have enormous followings. Since few marketers are on the platform right now, it’s the best chance to make a big impact with less money.


It is not too late to start your brands journey on to the #1 downloaded app in the world. Remain authentic, engaging, and true to your brands identity and the followers will follow!

Content by: Lauren Alexander

TikTok – Trends Start Here

TikTok is about discovery, which gets brands seen! If your target includes anyone between the age of 10 & 60, you should be on TikTok now!

Content by: Elise Morgan

The Face of Generations

Facebook used to be the unquestioned powerhouse of social media. Despite growth of expansion of other social media platforms, Facebook remains popular with adults aged 30+. One big advantage of the platform is the robust online advertising tool baked into the platform. It not only can tailor ads by demographics and interests more so than other platforms, but you also have much more freedom when it comes to setting budgets.

Content by: Kelly Ditro

The Power of Twitch

Twitch is ripe for marketing and building brand awareness. The platform has one of the highest levels of engagement and many Twitch influencers have enormous followings. Since few marketers are on the platform right now, it’s the best chance to make a big impact with less money.

Content by: Meagan Wos